Name:____________________________________                                                                        Entry #_____
Mrs. Vittands


Reading Journal Entry


Novel/Work: _____________________________________________________

Author:  ________________________________________________________

Chapters/Pages Read for this Journal Entry:_____________________________________________


Below is a passage that I have copied from this section of the novel/work. I selected this passage because I can make a connection to it.








I found this passage on page # _____________    The parenthetical citation for this passage is: ___________
                                                                                                                                        Example: (Steinbeck 14)

This passage is from this part in the story: (Indicate what led up to this moment and what followed it.)








With this passage, I can make a (circle one):
                 Text to Text Connection                 Text to World Connection                Text to Self Connection


This is an explanation of the text connection:





Here’s what the connection helps me understand or wonder about the story: