Mulan's reflection in her Father's sword Mulan in the temple of her Ancestors Mulan being yelled at by Shang while pretending to be Ping Everyone finds out Mulan is a girl Mulan and Shang defeat Shanu the Hun Mulan and Shang after they save the Emperor Mulan returns home a War hero
Mulan is a story about a young women; named Mulan who isn't exactly lady-like. She lives in Rural China in a village far from the Capitol city. She's at an age in her life where her duty to the family is to get married. She's not a very perspective Bride; seeing as she wants to do things her way and she wants to state her opinions. This isn't the quality most men were looking for. On her first visit to the matchmaker she disgraces her family by distroying the matchmakers house and making her look like a fool in front of everyone.
Her father is a great war hero, but he's old and badly hurt from his previous endeavers at war. When the Huns storm China the Chinese government calls for a draft and a man must serve from every household. Since Mulan is an only child her Father must go. Not wishing to see her father killed she sneaks away in the dead of night to masquerade as a soldier on her Father's place. He can't go get her because if they find out about her, she'll be killed.
Her ancestors try and send her a guardian to watch over her. Instead Muchu a screw up in his own right; goes to try and retreive her. He brings a Cricket that her Grandmother seems to think is lucky. Mulan goes through trainging camp calling herself Ping and narily avoiding the many things that could have exposed her.
They go into the Tungsho pass looking to help in the front lines where the comanding officer of Mulan's troop, Shang, hopes to meet his father; the General. The Huns had gotten there first and killed the trooops, including Shang's father. They battle the Huns on the mountain side and Mulan starts and avaolanche that burries the Huns. She's hurt so they call a doctor and find out she's a girl. Shang spares her life and they leave her on the mountain side.
The Huns start popping out of the snow and follow the troops to the Capitol city where the emperor lives. They take the Emperor captive and battle with the Mulan and the troops. The Huns end up defeated and Mulan is a hero.